I was invited to participate in the 1st International Urban Mosaic Intervention, Chile 2014, which took place between 13-24 January 2014 in Puento Alto, Chile. 60 artists from around the World and 20 artists from Chile were invited to work on this public Project organised by the Puente Alto Municipality, with the leadership of Chilean artist Isidora Paz Lopez. During the 2 weeks of communal work, 80 artists mosaiced 160 square meters of the Puente Alto Municipality building walls. With the theme of “Magic Garden”, each artist designed and created a mosaic on an area of 1.5 m x 1.5 m, keeping to the basic design principles, in their own methods, some even having brought special materials from home. Chile’s flora and fauna were design inspirations. I used the Chilean iguana figure in my mosaic, which I made of ceramic in my studio and took with me to place on the wall, along with some flowers I made of ceramic as well.
The Urban Mosaic Project in Puento Alto was started in 2011 by Isidora Paz Lopez with a request from the Mayor. She worked with a team of 100 people to cover more than 4000 square meters of mosaic, in two years. With designs of local motifs, train and underground stations, town squares and columns made the city vibrant and colorful.